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Changing color theme in ZeroBrane Studio

My favorite Corona/Lua IDE is ZeroBrane Studio. When I started building games with Corona SDK I didn't even know it existed, and instead purchased a license for Lua Glider since that was the only reasonable editor I could find with build-in support for Corona. Lua Glider was such a pile of crap that it doesn't even deserve linking to. It might have evolved now but when I bought it, it was so painfully slow and full of bugs that I would have done better using Notepad++ or just about any text editor without the Corona support. So, good thing that ZeroBrane Studio showed up to save me!

ZeroBrane Studio is a simple and fast Lua IDE with great Corona support. I don't use half of the features and customizations it offers, but I'm still very satisfied with it, just because it's so fast and easy to use. One thing I don't like very much is the default color theme, since I prefer a darker background with soft but clear text colors. ZeroBrane provides this too, it can just be a little bit hard to find since the themes aren't simply selectable from a menu option.

To change to another theme (or "scheme" as ZeroBrane calls it), just do the following:

1. Open ZeroBrane/cfg/scheme-picker.lua in ZeroBrane Studio
2. Click any of the scheme names listed to get a preview of the color settings
3. Then copy the lines of code listed below the scheme names and change the filename and scheme name to match your preferred scheme
4. In the menu, select Edit->Preferences->Settings:System (or User), which will open up a user.lua file, and paste the copied code into this file
5. Restart ZeroBrane Studio

I prefer the scheme called "TomorrowNightEighties" so the code that I paste into my settings file looks like this:

styles = loadfile('cfg/tomorrow.lua')('TomorrowNightEighties')
stylesoutshell = styles -- apply the same scheme to Output/Console windows
styles.auxwindow = styles.text -- apply text colors to auxiliary windows
styles.calltip = styles.text -- apply text colors to tooltips

This gives me a very pleasant color palette in the editor that's easy on my eyes:

ZeroBrane Studio - Color theme 'TomorrowNightEighties'