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Rewarding players for playing every day in Corona SDK

Rewarding players for coming back and playing your game every day is nothing new, and is probably used in most successful games out there in one way or another. I don't want to miss an opportunity to keep my Ice Trap players for a little longer if possible, so I've implemented a simple daily rewards solution in Corona SDK to handle this. My solution is the simplest possible really: Give the player a reward if he/she plays two days in a row. The reward will be the same every day regardless of the number of consecutive days played. I guess you could make this just as advanced as you like, with increasing rewards after a specific number of days, different rewards on different days and so on. But for the moment I don't see a need for that, and a flat reward will do just fine to start with. Recently I implemented a concept in Ice Trap called level keys, allowing the player to unlock the next level if getting stuck. The player starts the game with a few keys, and can then ea