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Showing posts from March, 2017

Change display name of iOS React Native app

I'm not sure about the best/correct way to rename an app created in React Native for iOS. Some solutions that I found require you to change some of your code, update package.json, run react-native upgrade , and clean up files that use the old name. That sure sounds like the correct way of doing it. But it also sounds like a lot of work, if all you want to accomplish is to change the text that appears under the app icon when installed on device. What I'm doing instead is to just open the app's Xcode project, click on the root node of the project structure, then the Info tab, and finally just update the value of "Bundle name" from ${PRODUCT_NAME} to whatever hard coded app name you want displayed. As long as that doesn't cause any other problems, I'll just stick to that solution. KISS.

GPGS Corona SDK plugin + Google Drive API

I've been working on implementing Google Play Games Services (GPGS) for Ice Trap the last couple of days, using the new GPGS plugin for Corona SDK. Read all the docs top to bottom, configured everything accordingly, double-checked everything several times, but still got nothing more than an "Internal error" when trying to login from the Android app using one of my test accounts. Finally, I found this thread on the Corona forums . I followed the advice from the thread and enabled Google Drive API from the developers console at . Ta-dah! That's all that was missing, and now logging in to GPGS works as it should. Happy to have found the solution, but I can't believe that this wasn't mentioned anywhere in the docs or in the Google Play Developer Console. Or did I just miss it? I don't know, but it would have been really nice to somehow get a more descriptive error code/message than just "Internal error"