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Create iOS .ipa file from Corona SDK build

When building your iOS app with Corona SDK, the result is a . app  directory. How do you turn this into an .ipa file that can be uploaded to third party services like HockeyApp or TestFairy? The only working solution I've found this far is this: Build your .app file like you normally do Create a folder called Payload and place the .app file inside the Payload folder. Zip the Payload folder and rename the zip file to any-filename-here.ipa . That's it. Not very hard, but annoying to have to do this for each new build you need to upload. I have no idea why this isn't built into the Corona Simulator. Here's a little bash script that handles the procedure. Just change the values of the variables, save the code to a .sh file in your build folder and run it from there. #!/bin/bash APP_DIR = "" ZIP_FILE = "" IPA_FILE = "ipa-filename.ipa" rm "$IPA_FILE" rm -rf Payload mkdir Payload cp