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Falling leaves with Corona SDK and transition2

The latest addition to my transition2 library for Corona is the convenience function fallingLeaf() . I was working on my iOS game  Ice Trap , trying to create a "confetti cannon" effect when the player completes a level and achieves three stars. While playing around with the existing transition functions I managed to reach a quite decent result by combining several different transitions. It took me a while to get there, so I realized that it would probably be nice to turn that combination of transitions into its own convencience function. At its simplest use, you only need a few lines of code to create a leaf that falls smoothly towards the bottom of the screen following a seemingly random pattern: local transition2 = require ( "transition2" ) local leaf = display.newImageRect( "leaf-64px.png" , 64 , 64 ) leaf.x, leaf.y = display.contentCenterX, 0 transition2.fallingLeaf(leaf, {}) Simplest possible use of fallingLeaf() Ok, so that l