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transition2.zRotate(): Rotate Corona display objects in the z dimension

I just added another transition function called zRotate() to my transition2 library for Corona. You guessed it, it rotates a display object in the z dimension around either the x or y axis. It requires the display object to have a path with four nodes (x1, y1) to (x4, y4), like images and rects do. If you want to know more about what transition2 is, you can read this blog post . A simple vertical rotation could look like this: transition.zRotate(coronaLogo, { degrees = 360 , time = 3000 , iterations = 0 , transition = easing.inOutSine, reverse = true , }) A little more complex example of a horizontal rotation with a color effect at the end of each iteration. Note that this example utilizes two new params: iterationDelay and onIterationComplete (which is not the same as onRepeat). transition.zRotate(coronaLogo, { degrees = - 1440 , time = 4000 , iterations = 0 , transition = easing.inOutQuad, perspective = 0.75 ,

transition2: Extending Corona's transition library with custom transitions

Corona Labs has a great transition library that makes it very easy to perform some useful and common transitions on display objects, such as moving, scaling and rotating them. There are also plenty of different easing algorithms to choose from that affect the behavior of the transition effects. I've used this library a lot and I really like its ease of use. But there are certain things that you can't do with the transition library. One of them is to modify the fill and stroke colors of a display object to be able to fade smoothly from one color into another. UPDATE June 30, 2017: transition2 is now a full standalone rewrite of Corona's transition library. Not just an extension that wraps the transition library like the remaining text in this post suggests. I needed a color transition effect for  Ice Trap  to make some glowing image borders but had a hard time finding any solution that I felt comfortable in using, so I started rolling my own. To make a long story sho

Creating iOS App Store screenshots from Corona Simulator on Windows

Not very long ago you had to upload your App Store screenshots in many different resolutions for all the different iOS devices. A real pain. Fortunately, Apple realized this and simplified the screenshot upload process a lot. Now you only need to upload screenshots for the 5.5" iPhone and 12.9" iPad displays, and automatic scaling will be done for remaining devices with lower resolutions. It's recommended to grab your screenshots from a physical device, but what do you do if you don't have a 5.5" iPhone? Well, instead of buying a new device or scaling lower resolution graphics you can use the Corona Simulator to get the high resolution screenshots you're looking for. This is how I do it for my Corona SDK apps on my Windows machine, and my example assumes that your screenshots are taken in portrait mode and that your app is primarily designed for iPhone rather than iPad. You must of course also have a monitor that can handle the resolution of the screensho

Making an iOS gameplay preview video

Creating an App Store gameplay preview video for your new, cool iOS game might feel like a daunting task at first. But actually it isn't that difficult once you get started thanks to a couple of free, and really powerful tools, provided by Apple. I'm a beginner myself at making videos, but following the workflow described below I managed to put together a gameplay video in just a few hours that I'm quite satisfied with. Let's get started. What you  need : iOS device Mac with OS X QuickTime Player (free) iMovie (free) The workflow: Write a short script. Just a very brief overview of the intended video, divided into a few main sections and how long to spend in each section. Keep it short, remember the 30s limit. Try to focus on what's unique for your game. After watching the trailer, a player who has never seen the game before should hopefully have at least a decent understanding of what the game is all about. Also, try to avoid explanatory texts if poss