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Collecting feedback from mobile game beta testers

Ok, so you've almost finished your game and want to take it for a spin by distributing a beta version. Let's assume that you're quite satisified with the design and functionality, and you have also somehow managed to get a solid amount of testers interested in your game. That's aweseome, but a few big questions still remain unanswered: When are you planning to collect feedback from your testers? How are you going to collect it? What kind of feedback and statistics do you want to collect? These are not easy questions to answer, but if you want to get the most out of your beta testers you need to think about them. Hard. I don't have the knowledge or experience to say what works best, what you should/must do, etcetera. But I did think about this a lot while planning the beta testing for my iOS game Ice Trap recently, and I'll try to explain what I did and why. Let's get started. When to collect feedback When I discuss the issue of when to